1 June 2013

the rope

This week has been difficult

more down than up

watching my little brother come to terms with treatment for illness and all-the-things that go with it

the heaviness of wondering whether daughter is OK

the tiredness of a daily commute that leaves me with sharp teeth that bite those I love best

the weird dances that introverts do with new work colleagues 

the work itself that has systems that are left patchily wanting

the pecking order that leaves temps as the needed but unwanted at the bottom of the heap

the meetings that you hope will refresh and revive but end up going in circles where the old, familiar and gregarious do the talking

the forgetting to pray for those who I have said I will pray for

and hanging on to the end of a rope that is fraying.

In and between all these things You are constant, noiseless, silent yet blessing, in the same way that You have been patiently shaping those You love for a thousand ages.

Reaching down for our hand to help us back up

healing in ways beyond our understanding

carrying our load with us

renewing our strength when it fails and enabling the antiseptic of forgiveness to soothe bite wounds

ensuring that people know they matter even when social and psychological systems shout otherwise

equipping us with knowledge to work out missing parts

making the last first and the first last. 

Kingdom come.

Refreshing and restoring us in unexpected ways; vibrantly colouring nature's landscape and  elevating the every day ordinary to extraordinary if we choose to be captivated with hearts and  eyes

never forgetting and always forgiving us first

mending the rope
washing away the dirt
untangling the knots

and reeling us in when we don't have the will and strength to come to You.

Who alone could save themselves
Their own soul could heal
Our shame was deeper than the sea
Your grace is deeper still

You O Lord have made a way
The great divide you heal
For when our hearts were far away
Your love went further still
(O yes) Your love goes further still

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