6 July 2013

beautiful (not five minute friday)

Late for the #5minutefriday party, life, tennis and all. But still wrote this in the spirit of..

Five minutes on beautiful

I come from a line of fine fingered women and my wedding ring size always used to be the same as the first letter of my name J. Nana’s engagement ring was a delicate, beautiful and art deco styled ring. Fascination led me to boldly ask to her inherit it when she died.

Something about all things art deco makes my heart sing and feel their beauty. Words can’t explain it. One holiday I spent an entire film roll taking photos of Charles Rennie Mackintosh chairs in a museum. My children already know I am a bit unhinged, this was their final piece of evidence.

Once Nana died the ring came into my possession but it was consigned to in a box in a drawer. Her ring size was one bigger than mine, so fear of losing it in cold weather or when taking off gloves prevented me wearing it.

Years later and with the passing of time and collection of weight that goes with it, my finger size crept up. As my own engagement ring became too small to take off I started to display the beauty that was Nana’s ring, on my wedding finger.

Not long ago one of the diamonds fell out of the ring and it is irretrievably lost. Finances have meant it cannot be replaced for now, so I stopped wearing the defective jewel.

But today I am adorning my finger with it once again, because y’know when all is said and done it perfectly reflects my beautiful, flawed heart.

Usually I join in with the writing flash mob that is Five Minute Friday (on a Friday) at the home of the lovely Lisa Jo Baker. Writing not for comments or traffic or anyone else’s agenda. But for pure love of the written word. 
I've not linked up this week as I am late but do join in - it's a great community

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