15 December 2013

Advent photo-a-day Week 2

This week's photos for the Advent photo project.
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Day 8 :: widsom
Often when I see still water where the mirror image is almost perfect it's not always possible or convenient to photograph. But I briefly struck lucky here at Douglas Water, Lanarkshire, Scotland, before the wind picked up. Goes perfectly with the verse from Proverbs 20

Day 9 :: delight
We spent a weekend in Liverpool in the summer and during an evening walk we found ourselves in a prime position to watch the Liverpool Fiesta pass by. Joy of the performers and musicians was highly infectious.

Day 10 :: holy
I was trying to be ultra clever with this one and looking (in vain) for a clear starry sky to photograph. But all too often I forget that the most holy transactions take place in the most ordinary places. 
So my work space. 
Which is actually moveable because we hot-desk frequently (mug and pens move with me.)
Still, it is essence of where God does the every day holy.

Day 11 :: steadfast
Deep, ancient, strong roots on the Tatton Park Estate, Cheshire

Day 12 :: hope
Again on the Tatton Park Estate and we visited on an early spring day. I still have not quite got into the habit of remembering that flowering in the north happens a few weeks later than in the south and often requires the help of a little warm sun. So I was disappointed that we were too early for the majority of daffodil and narcissus carpets. But the beauty of these odd emerging colourful buds contrasted effortlessly with the dull greys and browns.

Day 13 :: justice
Again under my nose, in the kitchen..

Day 14 :: gather
On 14 December 1985 we were married the Scotsman and I. A day when our family and friends gathered to celebrate with us.

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