24 May 2015

a hello


If you have come to this space via Twitter you won't find much recent writing.

From May 2014 I started reacquainting myself with knitting due to the news that we would become first time grandparents in December 2014 (OK I went a bit OTT because all the patterns I found were so darned cute.) I found a wonderful wool stockist Tangled Yarn who lives just up the road and sells the most divine wools and boom, I was hooked! Not only was it blankets and clothes in minature, but suddenly people were getting scarves as presents (whether they liked it or not.)

Just around the time that grandson was born our daughter announced her engagement. Quite quickly she and fiancee decided to get married sooner than originally planned leaving us with nine months to plan from the beginning of 2015. I volunteered to knit bridal and bridesmaid shrugs and once the patterns were agreed, I have since found myself on a schedule to complete them in time.

So currently creative outlets are knitting, music (leading worship at church at least 2x per month) and photography (mainly grandson though I am also on Instagram as piano_jo ) Worship leading weeks involves several hours of preparation and practice, to-ing and fro-ing with others along with the full time job, blah, blah.

Writing is on the back burner for now but I will be back (my head and those around me need it..)

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