21 April 2013

these three stick around

Today I told my dad for the first time that I have had episodes of depression on and off for about 25 years. 

I don’t yet know whether the admission to him will be significant or not. It's a fairly big deal, there is a lot of history and entanglement, plus the absence of healthy adult communication.

But it's done now.

Spending time with dad is depression trigger itself. And from my own experiences, the sort where it takes one to know one, I do think he is mildly depressed himself - a combination of good old foibles and not having been able to grieve healthily after mum died 4½ years ago. But he is yet to see that himself.

If you pray, I would value your prayers.

That Love will keep reaching down, where it needs to.

I feel a little fragile, but my God is not.

He is faithful and His strength of hope resides within.

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