20 September 2013

she (5minutefriday)

Joining with the writing flash mob that is Five Minute Friday at the home of the lovely Lisa Jo Baker. #FMFparty

Five minutes on She

We often have the pleasure of knowing some remarkable people (we as in anybody, not just us personally.) One particular person in our life was Vi and she was already old when we came to know her, the sort of age that always made children gasp in disbelief.

She loved Jesus first and foremost and everybody loved her. Her face lit up when she was with other people and that joy spread infectiously, melting the meanest. Her prayers were like desert rain even though she was very self deprecating.

With failing health, at events she would often upstage everyone else by needing medical attention, either from a doctor friend or sometimes an ambulance would be called due to her advancing years. She often forgot to drink enough anyway and in her excitement of being with people, she would frequently eat too fast, or have just a little too much wine..

On the weekend of her 100th birthday, she joined with us, her Jesus family at church. After the service we were to troop across the Car Park into the little hall to light the gargantuan birthday cake and sing our birthday wishes to the lovely Vi.

As we rose from our seats after the final song to make our way, music started. There was only ever going to be one song that could be played that encapsulated the moment and the person so perfectly.


  1. Nice. Reminds me of my great grandmother who died the night of planning her upcoming 100th birthday. But spent her last night with family and happiness.