5 November 2013

#3goodthings [3 November 2013]

The path is littered with abandoned, half-written blogposts
His love endures forever
#3goodthings has fallen off the wagon
His love endures forever
I have started counselling for a few weeks
His love endures forever
Not going to beat me up
His love endures forever
He is faithful


24 Oct
nephew's safe return from Afghanistan
spectacular early morning sun on the journey into work
achieving time with my Dad

31 Oct
first counselling session
realising the need to keep journalling and pick up#3goodthings
thinking through some deep, longstanding things

2 Nov
tea with a friend
not too many fireworks in the neighbourhood
finding a photo frame for our son's wedding photo

3 Nov
a good evening service even though the speaker didn't show
a friend sharing important things about when God doesn't heal
central heating providing warm cosiness indoors

282 gifts