22 November 2013

fly (fly-ve minute friday)

Joining with the writing flash mob that is Five Minute Friday at the home of the lovely Lisa Jo Baker. #FMFparty

I have not written for a while and was recalling some of the things I had written in the past with my counsellor last night. As I recounted them hope started to seep back in. 

Five minutes on fly


My office is situated on an airport complex. The other evening as dusk descended a large flock of starlings swooped past the window, a truly mesmerising sight as my colleague and I watched. And after, a reality check, that should the birds have been several hundred metres off their course it could have been catastrophic in the vicinity of the large, metal winged machines that take off every few minutes.

It makes me sad to hear of many friends who cannot fly right now.

Weighed down by sickness, pain, anxiety, discrimination, wordless and wingless.

I long and hope for the day when we can find our wings and all fly together.

Where there will be no more sickness, no more pain, freedom from fear, justice overriding discrimination, words flowing freely and wings beating rhythmically. Spurring each other on and feeding off the mutual exhilaration.

In the words of that Doctor let’s allons-y!


By happy coincidence the new boots I bought this week (to stop me flying in an undignified manner when ice arrives) are fly 

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  1. Reminds me of the verse in Isaiah about us mounting up on wings like an eagle. Have a great weekend! - Sophia (visiting from FMF)