14 February 2013

#lentphotos - 01 - wilderness


Via a friend's re-tweet this morning I came across #lentphotos a list of 40 topics on which to take or post daily photos for Lent.  It is the first Lent activity which immediately struck a creative chord.  I am aiming to follow this, with a photo and short blog.

As I am a day late starting there are two posts today.


Culloden Moor, Inverness

The Battle of Culloden was fought on this very ground on 16 April 1746, the last pitched battle to take place on British soil (more details here).  For many wilderness is a place of natural, unspoiled beauty, a scenic landscape. Biblical wilderness is also portrayed as a place of threat, chaos, alienation and hostile conflict.

Here is a place where I see innate beauty, for the terrain has been left much as it was over 350 years ago (save for the modern day obligatory visitor centre).  But the soil was soaked with the blood of so many men in cruel, fierce battle and I felt a connection with that desolation of the soul whilst walking round.  

For me the heavy, leaden skies in the photo enhance and encapsulate all these elements. 

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