25 February 2013

the instrument: an ode to childhood's passing

It is a representative of many but it is the instrument

How do you love all your children equally? Anyone knows it is impossible to cut a smartie into three.

So the flute of one is the instrument. It stands today as a symbol for the end of an era.  Player of the silver-plated tube turns 21 today, the baby.

The instrument is itself a line, a demarcation under childhood.  

Other instruments too have passed through during the journey.  Recorder, piano, trumpet, violin, cornet, percussion, almost the entire saxophone family and not forgetting all manner of guitars.  

Recitals, concerts and exams. Recorded for posterity on photographs and paper certificates. A rush of internal sensory memories, sometimes triggered by hearing just a fragment of music.  

Music that has been a travelling companion along the way to adulthood.  

Hours of time exercising fingers and the mind (not always willingly) but over time aligning the kinaesthetic with the acoustic.  
Imperceptibly changing the brain. 

A legacy that has passed from one generation to the next and given wings to fly onwards and upwards, having packed some of the instruments to carry along the way.

Shared exclusive conversations. 

A secret language.

The gift of the instrument has also passed back to its source and right back into the very heart.

She treasured these things in her heart, holding them dear, deep within herself (Luke 2:19)

(Linking with Tanya Amber and friends for #concretewords – communicating the abstract through solid things.)


  1. Hiya, I've come here via Tanya. What a good analogy about the line.

    1. '..aligning the kinaesthetic with the acoustic. Imperceptibly changing the brain..'
      Gorgeous post, you do make me wish I'd persevered with learning to play an instrument!

    2. Thank you for popping in Liz & Ruth and for your comments.
      I was sometimes a little strict with practice times when they were children, but they do all love music still.
      Never too late to pick it back up Ruth, but challenging when you have little ones

  2. My favourite bit was the part about the line, the demarcation of childhood. There's so much in that. Thanks so much for linking up today!

  3. Hi Ruth
    I totally agree with music speaking a secret language. It speaks to the heart of each one that listens and tells many different stories. Loved this, thank you. Over via Tanya's.
    Much love

    1. Hi Mia - we enjoy baffling others with secret language conversations! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. My flute is in the eaves. I almost want to go pull it out, reading this, but I haven't tried to play for decades. Happy birthday to your 21yo baby. Visiting from Tanya's. P.S. My flute teacher was Jo, back in the day (4t grade). She taught my grandma the organ.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Brandee
      21yo still plays, but wonder what will happen when the degree is completed.
      Glad music still has that pull for you!

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