16 February 2013

#lentphotos - 04 - simple food

preparing patatas bravas

In the autumn of 2012 friends gifted The Scotsman and I a holiday in Southern Spain.  We stayed with these friends in a complex adjoining a rural village Alfaix in Andalucia.  To buy food we went to a neighbouring village which had a supermarket.  The fresh fruit and vegetable section was tiny in comparison to what we are used to in average British supermarkets and the range of choice was limited too.  However everything that we did buy tasted truly delicious.

I have long rated Spanish fresh produce well below that of Britain (mainly based on superior tasting strawberries all coming from UK growers).  It would seem though, that the Spanish keep the best fresh produce for the home market (in our experience in the same way that French retain the best wine and Dutch the best Gouda for their own consumers).

In order to hang on to a taste of Spain when we returned, I started to cook patatas bravas on a regular basis.  Literally translated it means poor man's potatoes, with these ingredients is really quick and easy to prepare, exceptionally tasty and has swiftly become a regular family, simple food favourite.

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