28 February 2013

#lentphotos - 14 - food

A food collection took place for our local Trussell Trust Foodbank in early December 2012 (as part of the ‘Every can helps’ collection fronted by Tesco that took place nationwide).  As well as the enormous collection that took place in a local Tesco store we also facilitated a smaller one in a Waitrose store.  Happily our three hour shift was so busy that there was very little time to take photos.

In this last week Trussell Trust have been promoting a country wide trolley push, to keep promoting awareness and to raise funds to enable expansion of the Foodbank network.  There are social media buttons on the web page (here) so sharing the information takes just a mouse click. 

Another Foodbank is in the process of starting up in our local area to meet ever increasing need and wherever you live in the UK this is a real problem in your neighbourhood.  When food collections take place a few people we speak to cannot believe that people in the area are going hungry.  Yet some of those who donate most generously at these collections often appear to have very little of their own.

We probably all know of a number of people who give up certain food/s for lent, an optional exercise in self denial to feel good rather than genuine and costly spiritual discipline (yes I'm being judgemental here.)  

Views about lent aside, for some people forgoing food or meals is a very real situation, a daily struggle and simply not a choice.

To get involved with these issues on a larger scale the Enough Food IF campaign enables you to lobby your MP and keep up with global actions and responses to world wide hunger. (I am currently waiting for my local MP to respond to a call to action on this one from two weeks ago!)

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