21 February 2013

#lentphotos - 08 - a focus

A little poetic licence...

our trusty ford focus
(parked up at Cnoc an Torrain, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Sept 2009)

Cnoc an Torrain is the village where the Scotsman's grandmother was born.  It took a little persistence to find because we forgot to take the up to date map, did not have a sat nav and road signage is evidently not a priority expenditure in this corner of the globe.

The village consists of no more than 30 houses, so we parked up on the cattle grid and set off in search of people.  

We encountered more midges.  

Funnily enough although this is Scotland where there's way more midges and sheep than people, it's quite unusual to see many of the little critters on the island. Due to frequent windy conditions the wee beasties spend the majority of their time on the ground.

The only humans we saw were two builders, who came from South Uist, therefore did not know much about Cnoc an Torrain itself.  

However since that visit we have discovered that the Scotsman does indeed have living relatives in the village (not that we really need an excuse to go back to somewhere as beautiful and remote as this.)

Only question is, when we do, will we be travelling in the trusty ford focus?

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