5 March 2013

#lentphotos - 18 - a wild animal

Our kids only ever had a goldfish for a few weeks when they were growing up, no other pets.  They adopted Colin the crab one holiday for a few hours.  The smart crustacean holed up next to son's flip flops, a perfect camouflage.

a few more wild animals

This seagull followed our Cal Mac ferry all the way from Mull back to the mainland.  At the time it made me think of Eric Cantona's profound philosophical quote "Ze seagull, 'ee follow zee trawler."  I'm not a seagull expert so am not sure if they follow boats looking for food or to preserve energy (it certainly looked like it was using the slipstream to glide some of the time.)
And it was a most polite bird.  When it had a call of nature, it flew well away from the boat before dumping and returning to its position alongside the ferry.

We saw a few salamanders in Spain last year.  This one joined us for an evening on the wall of the apartment while we were having supper.
We are rookie overseas travellers so all the native animals and plants in Spain were dead exciting to us.

Also in Spain we came across this rather unexpected sign on the side of a small building in the mountainside village of Cabrera.  I have no idea if there are wild moose in the area and there was not a single person around to ask (in either English or elementary Spanish.)
I took the photo mainly due to its apparent randomness and due to the fact that I knew my kids would find it highly amusing (in their secondary school-age Youth Group a moose pose was adopted in a number of photos)

Said moose sign was located on this building which seemed to house a door which if opened would lead to steps carved from the mountainside and up to a house on the top of a ridge.
Almost stranger than the sign itself...

Remaining with Spain, this is one of a handful of places in Europe where you can see flamingos in the wild.  At the salt flats at Las Salinas de Cabo de Gata, in Andalucia, Spain.
Another dead exciting moment from 2012.


Wild animals.  If you like traditional Scottish music spiced up and fused with other genres these are two of the bonkers boys who make up the Peatbog Faeries.
Even if you don't like that sort of music, you should never pass up an opportunity to see them live - I say they're fab!

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