7 March 2013

#lentphotos - 20 - a reflection


Cuilidh (not to be confused with ceilidh) is a gaelic word meaning retreat (also treasury, sanctuary, secret hiding place).  The Scotsman has been learning gaelic ever since he became aware of the North Uist connection.  It is such a marvellously rich language, reliant much on oral tradition - hence the seemingly multiple meanings of the same word.

From the meanings of the word cuilidh it would seem to be a good place to reflect whether that is in an actual physical place or internally within the heart.  Likewise reflection means different things to different people.  It might be thinking about something read in a book, seen in an art gallery, listened to in a concert hall, ruing a team's poor match performance, an image seen in a mirror, or a visual reflection in water.  

If Julie Fowlis looks familiar it is because she recently sang on the soundtrack to the Disney/Pixar film Brave.  Mainly she sits just under the mainstream radar of popular folk music and Brave aside she sings entirely in gaelic.  Julie also hails from North Uist and one critic says  'the beauty of her music is like trying to grab the Highland mist.'

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