28 March 2013

#lentphotos - 39 - the last supper

Seder plate with elements

A couple of evenings ago we shared a Passover Meal with our homegroup. As a bible study group we are still getting to know one another, but food relaxes us and is something we do very well. Fortunately one couple have a dining room and table large enough to accommodate 22 people, as well as the gift of generous hospitality.

Firstly we shared the Seder meal with associated readings and questions about the passage of Jewish people from slavery to freedom. After this there was a slap up Passover meal of tender beautifully cooked roast lamb with vegetables, followed by delicious desserts prepared as church people know best.

The elements on the Seder plate are all symbolic:

  • BITTER HERB (horseradish & romaine lettuce) :: a symbol of the bitterness of slavery Jewish people endured in Egypt
  • CHAROSES (chopped apple/nut mixture) :: a symbol of the mortar used to build in Egypt
  • PARSLEY dipped in salt water :: a symbol of pain and tears the slaves suffered
  • LAMB BONE :: a symbol of sacrifice
  • ROAST EGG :: a symbol of mourning

Also during the Seder we ate and shared:
  • MATZOH :: a symbol of how fast the Jews left Egypt
  • WINE :: a symbol of redemption

Often Jesus' greatest wisdom was imparted during a meal. He sure knew the importance of sharing food with those he loved (and those he probably didn't like so much). 

If I had one last meal, I wouldn’t spend it with the person I knew would betray me - Love does. @bobgoff

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