22 March 2013


I remember you who I did not know.

Brothers, cousins, fathers, uncles of my ancestors, sent to serve your countries in the name of world freedom in the early years of the 20th century.

Sent to those dreadful places, at the very edge of hell, that we would have the gift of peace, not deserved, but given.

You faced what you did not know.  You would have been alone, except for you and God in some of those moments. The fear of separation from those you loved and the gnawing dread of those at home waiting. 

Though I did not know, I remember.

The fate that meant that my grandfathers were not able to serve in war, was also the same fate that meant you did not come back from war, and changed the course of history forever. 

I remember.

And you, young relative. I remember you as you are sent to serve for Queen and country far from home. Your God goes before you and behind you. Best of all Your friend Jesus walks with you.

He remembers.

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  1. Ach! This is awesome! I love it!

    Oh, If everyone who is serving, has served, will served could read it. This is just very moving... I had to read it twice. So lovely.

    Thank you.