14 March 2013

#lentphotos - 26 - wisdom

I am currently reading Quiet (the power of introverts in a world that cannot stop talking) by Susan Cain. The words in this particular passage about Ghandi struck a particularly powerful chord. It speaks of Ghandi's passivity, where he uses his energy to pursue truth rather than getting sidetracked by arguments along the way (unnecessary skirmishes).

I know I've been in face to face confrontational situations where the words will not come out of my mouth in reply, because my brain is furiously trying to process what is being said, the introverts way. The other person is quite able to process thoughts out loud, in the extroverts way.  The extrovert is sometimes frustrated by the introverts processing (which they see as not engaging). But the introvert is actually using their energy wisely.

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