31 March 2013

#lentphotos - ALL

Here are all the photos posted during the #lentphotos project

#lentphotos: the project 

I wrote a blog daily for each photograph, some short, some longer. Links to my favourites are included in this post.

Day:1 wilderness (Culloden, Inverness)

Day:2 a temptation

Day:3 a place to reflect (American Military Cemetery, Cambridge) (blog)

Day:4 simple food (patatas bravas, poor man's potatoes)

Day:5 a place to pause (blog)

Day:6 a luxury

Day:7 quiet (Crofter's Cottage, Solas, North Uist)

Day:8 a focus (our trusty ford focus on North Uist) (blog)

Day:9 food for thought (son & daughter in law's wedding rings & their reading)

Day:10 a prayer

Day:11 navigation

Day:12 refreshment

Day:13 trusting

Day:14 food (Foodbank collection)

Day:15 a quiet place

Day:16 a blessing (Clare College Chapel, Cambridge) (blog)

Day:17 a journey

Day:18 a wild animal

Day:19 the road ahead

 Day:20 a reflection (blog)

Day:21 help (blog)

Day:22 bettering oneself

Day:23 divine

Day:24 orientation

Day:25 nutrition

Day:26 wisdom

Day:27 support

Day:28 perspective

Day:29 spirit

Day:30 Jesus

Day:31 another temptation (blog)

Day:32 renewal

Day:33 waiting (blog)

Day:34 strength (rays on roots)

Day:36 a necessity

Day:37 hope

Day:38 the road travelled (blog)

Day:39 last supper (the Seder plate at our homegroup meal)

Day:40 loss (balloon release at local Baby Memorial Service) (blog)