21 March 2013

#lentphotos - 32 - renewal

This week we took an unexpected afternoon off and went to Tatton Park. With spring being upon us I ensured all the camera batteries were fully charged, expecting to see plenty of seasonal flowering blooms. What I forgot to figure was that we are in the North West of England which always lags a few weeks behind and of late there has been some pretty cold weather to slow things down even more.

There were a few flowering daffodils against south-facing walls where any slight warmth of the sun had rebounded onto the soil.  

But all around the grounds there were small signs of renewalA number of buds beginning to show, jewelled beads showcasing themselves against the backgrounds of  mottled greens, browns and greys. 

Evidence of the renewal that in a few weeks these plants and trees will flower beautifully again. 

That miracle working renewal that goes on unseen, during the winter months, under the soil or within the branches. 

The amazing botanical DNA stamped by the Creator that fuels the cycle and energy for renewal.

Renewal of hope.

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